Monday, January 19, 2009


This beautiful old St. Thomas Church sits on the site of the Purissimo Conception Mission site, built by the Spanish Padres in the 1700's. The original mission was burned by the Indians and replaced by this church. On our "two state" bike ride along the Colorado River yesterday, we crossed the Ocean to Ocean Bridge and briefly entered California and then back to Arizona. The mighty Colorado River is the border between the states in this neck of the woods. It was a beautiful day for a scenic bike ride of about 8 miles and good exercise as well. Of course, the beer I drank afterwards probably used up any calories I expended.
Lutes Casino is a well known restaurant and bar in Old Town Yuma. It's no longer a casino but in its rip-roaring heyday, it served as a brothel, a casino and now a down town hot spot. Good food, good beer, and the atmosphere is colorful with all manner of memorabilia hanging from the ceiling and covering the walls. Famous people over the years have their photos and autographs about the place. Ya gotta go to Lutes, is what people say. So, we did.
Hasta La Vista

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