Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Mary the environmentalist is a strong, incurable greenie. I recycle and complain if other's don't. So, I haul out my mesh bag and the grocers here in Yuma look at me as though I'm a strange critter. I reuse and carry plastic bags so they get a second go around. Jim keeps counting his plastic bag stash under the refrigerator (10,000 of them I"M sure.) "We're gonna run out of garbage bags, he fears." HAH! Now places to recycle in Yuma are not very plentiful. So, I called the Chamber, the Visitors Bureau and the Solid Waste Dept. and lo, they DO recycle here. And, I asked about gleaning and much to my surprise, they glean here in Yuma, too. Oh, now I'm happy! Jim says, we better get over to recycling pretty soon or I won't be able to see out the back window. He has to get greener. The recycle bag is getting so full it is blocking his vision. (chortle) I've taken over his refrigerator until he doesn't recognize it. Now all the space in the Bronco. And this morning I declared that I would be carrying a plastic bag with me on the bike to pick up cans that people throw out. Ohhhhh! Groan-
Poor Jim. He doesn't have a clue what's in store for him. He doesn't know about my hobby of collecting photos of art work including benches.
Oh joy!

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