Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is convict Evil Eye Jimmy. He started out so innocent, too. The "ladder", just steel spikes sticking out of an adobe wall were climb able. A note in the Arizona Sentinel of 1882 reports: "Sheriff Potts, of Mohave County will take down to Yuma by the next steamer, five prisoners convicted at the recent term of court. The number of years they will serve is 18, poor devils; we pity them: but pity should never be a allowed to undermine justice. The prison is now crowded with inmates, causing six to be locked in each cell. The unfortunates are suffering for room and air, and it would be inhuman to leave them there until and during the summer season.The legislature should take immediate steps for relief."
Of course, the old newspaper doesn't tell you if relief was given.
Adios Amigos-stay out of jail.

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