Friday, January 2, 2009

Rummaging Through The Year

The mind has a way of flashing from subject to subject. That agility is envious when one is applying memory to the task. What challenge for memory than rummaging over the previous year searching for kernels of significance and, woe be me, those kernels were scant or sorrow filled as in niece Kim's untimely death and the loss of dear friends from long ago; the economy affecting people we love negatively. Some years are like that, only the mundane moves you from point A to point B. Then, something wonderful happened, Jim Jaillet rambled into my life. Significance? Unknown!
For the time being, such a major distraction takes on a disproportional importance and I must ask forgiveness if I overburden everyone with my current passion. But, you will have to admit he has great power to make me laugh as he squeezes the last drop of New Year's champagne from the bottle. We share date shakes after visiting a date farm. We had a date with dates?

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