Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've always maintained that having good friends makes you rich and its true in my life and Jim's life as well. Yesterday we had dinner with Horst and Margot Schnieder who have lived an incredibly colorful life. Married over 60 years, she is 84 and he is 88, and both are young at heart. Jim sees them once a year when he is in Yuma, and we enjoyed a typical German dinner of savory red cabbage, stew, potatoes and apple sauce. All home made from scratch. Terrific people.
Today is an historic day in American and my own personal history, January 20th, inauguration of the first black President of the United States. Personally, my oldest son, and two brothers share the 20th of January as their day of birth. As stated, I'm rich in friends and even better, rich in family as well. I love you all.
Pictures today are from our bike rides, the Yuma Territorial prison was a rustic adobe affair and 1/3 of it was removed to make way for the new highway and bridges. The lettuce fields we see everywhere in the area. They are the most marvelous green. Tomorrow, we will leave early for a day trip to Quartzite for Jim's commercial and a Howdy to old friends. No blog. Yay Obama.

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