Sunday, January 11, 2009


In the Northern U.S. when it snows, the white coverlet erases all faults and provides beauty. Here in Yuma, especially in the poor part of town, water is scarce and people don't have lawns. The dirt blows, they still crop dust here and the air quality is suspect. But, in the early morning light, all hard scrabble is erased and the half light provides beauty just like the snow.
We traveled to the Ocean to Ocean Bridge at first light for this photograph of the historic Yuma Crossing. This bridge was built in 1915 as the first bridge that allowed travel by car from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean by the southern route. Early morning moonlight reflects on this narrow section of the Colorado River. In territorial days, even without a bridge, this was one of the only places to get across this wild and raging river, which is now tamed to a low flow. It's just a trickle by the time it reaches Mexico.
The weather is beautiful, Jim the snowbird is chirping a happy song and all is well on the western frontier.
Saw, and recommend, A Civil Action, with John Travolta, which we saw last night.

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