Sunday, January 4, 2009

Learning From Grandchildren

Mason Matzek is my grandson, age 14, handsome and intelligent. When he and his brother were little, they could do things on my computer that I couldn't do. Now that I have a blog, it shouldn't have surprised me that Mason adeptly located my "boy friend's" blog. We see those emails that make the rounds reminding us of how our current generation has never lived in a world without computers, cell phones, DVD's and a technical array of things that didn't exist when our generation was well into middle age. In fact, I am currently at Brownie's Cafe in Yuma, where they provide internet service to communicate. Another unheard of service just a few short years ago. I once stayed with the boys in Washington and couldn't watch the television set without getting them up from their beds to show me how to turn it on and use the remote. Am I dating myself? I am! And you, and you, and you, too!
Ah, but it is so much fun to have grandsons. Thank you Mason for the opportunity to say hello on my blog. And, P.S. Send me a picture by email so I can post it. Lvgram

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