Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today we made our final trip into Mexico to
take care of my dental work. YAY!!! Yesterday we had lunch at the Garden Cafe with Bob Gambol and his companion Hilda. Both are ex-marines. Bob back packed the world at age 55 and visited 168 different countries over a period of six years. Hilda, just got off one segment of the Appalachian Trail. She intends to hike the whole thing-its over 2,000 miles. She is in her 70's. What an interesting pair they are. And here in Yuma, you find that residual taste of the Old West, the modern and the decidedly different. I'm learning that people who choose alternative lifestyles, are interesting, cantankerous and contrary. More about Bob to follow as I am currently working on his manuscript. I have another victim on line as well. And, this photo of an old clock fits the craziness of the old west. It hung across the room from the bar. When the drinkers looked in the mirror, they could tell the time because the numbers, as you can see, are printed backwards. Some drinking somebody thought that one up I suspect.
Until manana.

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