Friday, January 16, 2009


I couldn't resist sharing more photos from the Gunfighters of the Old West because they are so interesting. The crossed gun belts on this woman are very Spanish. But, that is not the subject of my blog today. Yesterday, when I returned from Mexico after my final dental work, I had an interesting experience with a Border Agent
crossing us back into the U.S. He was yapping with his partner across from him and hadn’t signaled me to come forward. I walked toward him and he said to me, “Are you trying to make trouble?” He was young, and I told him, no I wasn’t, as I beat a hasty retreat back to the red line. He signaled me immediately to step forward and said, “Hit me! I’d like 45 days off. Why don’t you punch me?” I told him: “I don’t hit anyone. But, my bag is heavy enough to knock you over.” I hefted it onto the counter. He checked my passport and waved me through. Jim was right behind me and this same agent asked him, "Are you bringing anything in from Mexico?" Jim said, not a thing? The guard asked him, "then what did you go to Mexico for?” Jim answered, "I’m with her, she’s getting her dental work done.” He passed Jim through. The guard was quite surly and I speculated about what he would have done if I’d hauled off and smacked him one. He was inviting me to do it. The thought made me giggle, but I don’t think I could have done it even if he had pissed me off, as he did Jim.
I wanted to take his picture, but big signs all over the border station warn you not too. Do I look threatening?
So, enjoy the gunfighter pictures.
Hasta la Vista

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