Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weather Cheated and Tamale Rich

Jim is feeling cheated because his winter home, Yuna, (he's a snowbird) is cold instead of warm. He is tired of wearing sweats and wants to get into sleeveless t-shirts and shorts for the duration, especially since he is skewing his winter to return to (brrrr!) cold Murphys while I have surgery in February. We all have our comfort levels and 65 degrees is definitely not for Jim.
But, its okay, the friendly weatherman is forecasting 70 degrees in a few more days and then the Rambler will be out and about without shivering. I keep telling him I've got weather Karma. Its a fact, wherever I go, I bring the sun shine with me. Well, sort of. I know we've been smiling a lot. I guess that qualifies for sunshine.
Dental work yesterday gave me a new smile and if that isn't a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is.
So tonight, we'll spend happy hour at the America Legion so I can try my smiling voice on Karioke. But, not before eating another wonderful dinner of home made tamales via Lydia. If you are in Yuma, you should call her and she'll make them special for you. The best I ever tasted, really. Call 928 388-1577


Beaz said...

Does a writter ever retire? Really?


Mary Matzek said...

A writer NEVER retires. Its in the blood.But, who are you BEAZ?