Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve and the living is Easy What with bicycling and ice cream trucks

Its true, I had four hours of dental work today. Not the fun way to spend Christmas Eve. But, again, life is good when you are healthy, have enough to eat, have good friends and a wonderful family.
Being in Yuma, I saw a hummingbird at the feeder we hung in our own private grapefruit tree. Yuma is refreshingly easy to find one’s way around. The street grid is set up with Streets flowing North and South and Avenues flowing East and West. Oh, oh! Can you tell what I’m about? Yesterday, I took a bike ride along the canal, moved onto city streets, and got disoriented. I spent 40 minutes retracing and finding my way home. I HATE admitting doing such dumb stuff, especially in a city that is so easy to navigate. We take our native intelligence so much for granted that we allow ourselves to be careless. I had no phone, no money,and no identification on me. Something any respectable grandmother would be sure her GRANDSON had on HIM. Fifty lashes with a wet noodle for me. But, hey, ten miles on the bicycle was just dandy exercise and I loved the cool wind in my face, and getting around on my pedal power. Virginia bicycles from Davis to Sacramento State every day she works. She is a dedicated Green, and pedal power is green and great exercise. She also shops and picks up kids at school from her bike. Virginia has muscles on her muscles. Hmm, wonder if I could wrist wrestle her and win. I used to be good. The challenge has been hurtled!!
Another nice thng about Yuma, in years past, children loved the jingle of an ice cream truck on the street. They are pretty much caputski now, but 5th St. still responds to the jingle of an ice cream van. I had to get a picture of this anomaly.

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