Sunday, December 14, 2008


Friends, may I tell you that a blog is a wonderful responsibility. Hey, you gotta be here and posting. The trouble is we ramblers (me a newbie) discovered that the wi fi signal on the laptop isn’t always available as we traipse about the country. At times we are without a cell signal as well.
Here’s the skim: I flew home to Murphys Dec. 7th for a Doctor’s appt. , then a second doctor’s appointment. Attended a fantastic Drum Circle/Christmas Potluck at Jan Stewart’s with neighbor’s Suzy and Karen. See the photos: Caught up by phone with Pam Quyle. In other words, stuffed a lot in the 4 days I was home. I will have shoulder surgery on Feb. 11th, so the Ramblin Man and I will be returning in the cold of winter to take care of me.(I told everybody this ramblin guy was a keeper.)
However, Christmas will be spent away from family as I’m having dental work in Mexico Dec. 16th that will stretch to …?? Who knows? My dentist in Murphys was understandably unhappy that I chose to bypass his expensive treatment for affordable repairs in Mexico. I intend to return home with a new smile.

I flew back to Jamul Dec. 11th. Packed up, and the "Magic Carpet" (Jim's name for his ever movin' motorhome) took us to "The Slabs." Brief history, was once a minor marine base by the name of Camp Dunlap. It was closed in 1946 and sold to a private owner. The building foundations still remain and the place has become known as Slab City, at one time home to 5,000 campers, some drifters, homeless, and retired and vacationing RV-ers. We see a population of about 500 now with tents and million dollar rigs sharing the same neighborhood. It is also home to Leonard Wright, named by Congress as a National Treasure for his painting of Salvation Mountain. I'm having some very unique experiences. Pictures will follow (when I locate my camera cord or buy a new one in Yuma.) There are no services as we normally know them at Slab City, but there is a concert every Saturday night, Church on Sundays, a library, pet cemetery with the admonition CAVA CANI (beware of the dog) written by a typical Slabbite by the singular name of Tom (last name unknown) who wrote The Damn Fool. There is an outdoor natural hot tub and a community pit shower. (The Japanese have nothing on Slabbites.) They have an Ad Hoc Mayor by the name of Linda who has lived here for 20 years. She also publishes the Slab City Newspaper and has a radio station. I'll post again in two days when we reach Yuma where we should have a steadier wi fi signal. For more on Slab City, type it into your search engine and you'll find much information.

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