Monday, December 22, 2008


This date marks an anniversary of sorts, for Jim. Thirteen years to the day of full time life on the road in an RV. I had never met anyone (in their right mind) who would, could-chose to divest themselves of all material goods and hit the road. He claims stress free living makes you happier and healthier than ever. It works for him. Haven't decided how we'll celebrate yet.
We are making French meat pies for Christmas and I spoke to his cousin Janette from Quebec about the family recipe. And, of course, my own cornish pasty, I already know how to make pasty so meat pies are much the same thing. From my own childhood and Jim's, our families did the same: made meat pies at Christmas to share after midnight mass. We are finding we have a lot in common, not only nationality, but traditions and attitudes; likes and dislikes in concert.
Yesterday, went out for breakfast at an internet cafe; we walked the canal, lazed about and read books, watched a movie, and, in general, treated the day like a weekend off. Stress reduction is definitely my favorite cup of tea right now. Saw these wonderful little banty chickens on the canal.

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