Friday, December 26, 2008

Philosophy, psychology and new friends

Jim has a bunch of RV friends that are members of the WINs. WIN stands for Wandering Individuals Network. They share holidays, excursions, all types of gatherings. Many belong to more than one group, such as LOWs, Loners On Wheels, ESCAPEEs, self explanatory. It amazes me how many people love the RV lifestyle. Jim was featured on a television program about single RV'ers on the AARP channel last year. We decided to interview some of the unusual characters we've met in the RV world and see if they won't make a book.
Consider Randy Vining, an intelligent fellow who likes to leave as small a footprint as possible. He calls himself the stealth RVer. He lives in about 100 square feet, uses about two gallons of water for a shower, he uses only solar power, (some rigs have wind generators as well.) He made his own RV which he calls a stealth RV because you could never tell by looking at it that it is a domicile. He can park it on a city street and basically live anywhere he wants without arousing anyone's curiosity. Randy, the Stealth RV-er, is a member of WINs. He has a relationship philosophy that kind of defines people who have this wanderlust. A big part of their make up is to have a great sense of fun and humor.
Randy drew two figures, one resembles a snowman the second one resembles an upside-down snowman. The woman he desires is represented by the upside down snowman. Strong (lg. circle on top,) represents a strong parent relationship, middle circle, represents responsibility, (ie can support herself and balance a check book) small circle on the bottom, has a small sense of the child. He on the other hand has a weak (small circle on top) parent script, his center is equally responsible, can take care of himself and balance a check book, large strong circle on bottom has a large sense of the inner child. Does that make a balanced couple? Hmmmm. Jim says he never pays attention to such stuff. Hmmmmm! Randy and Jim are both fascinating characters. We've set up two interviews and have two more in mind.
Today, the day after Christmas, was another dental day. Feeling a bit bruised but my smile looks great. The French meat pie, by the way, was supreme, and, yes, I give out recipes.

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