Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hummingbirds, New Years Traditions

The weather is warming, but the previous weeks cold didn't discourage the hummingbirds. We hung a feeder in the grapefruit tree and true to form, they found it even though it is located on the North side of the motorhome, in the shade, without sun. They are pretty and cheering. I do my yoga on a mat on the cement "patio" cushioned by a rug and it feels good to look up at my new little friends.
Doing the internet in the library can be quite irritating because their filter is so judicious. For instance, some days my Van Gogh post will not show because some Van Gogh's are apparently offensive? Hum Bug! It happens more often than you'd think with some of the simplest subjects, none of which I can remember off hand.
I'm taking Amoxicillan for my dental surgery and have opted not to drink. But, I'm making an exception for the New Year. Grandma Moore liked to have fresh cracked crab for the New Year. She and Doug enjoyed it as a favorite. Many people eat black eyed peas for the New Year. Since Jim has no New Year tradition, we are going for the Crab. That, a bit of champagne and good company.How could anyone ask for more?

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