Friday, December 5, 2008

Changing Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can be stressful and enjoyable, both at the same time. Traditionally a light sleeper, as in 6 to 7 hours each night, I now find I can sleep for 8 and 9 hours and still nod off while reading. Stress reduction is a major benefit of being gone from home and just "ramblin".
I listened to a hoot owl in the night and woke up to a tiny rabbit out the window in the morning instead of the traffic on Pennsylvania Gulch or a blaring telephone. In fact, we are out of cell range at this site and won't have phone service again until Dec. 13th. The disconnect is nice.
My companion wrote three books on his RV trip to Panama and all sites in between. Excerpts on his Seattle blog- but this morning I met a man who published 4 books on WWII and is working on a 5th. Another who publishes songs that he writes through a Canadian Company.
A woman who spent a career with the airlines told me travel gets in your blood and you can't stay home. She and her husband are full time RV-ers. Its a culture of its own.
I see a book coming!
Happy Birthday, Jim.

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