Monday, December 1, 2008

Metallic Riches, Bakugans and Red Ants

What a fool, me, that I would buy a metal detector for this meander!! It clicked, I dug, and voila! Treasures! Look at them. A 1/2 inch rusted bolt, a rusty nail, two aluminum pop top can pieces and a bit of rusty wire, and a broken chunk of unidentifiable metal. Hey, laughter is healing.
And have you ever heard of bakugans? The things we learn from our grandchildren. Owen is posting at where bakugans live!
It rained here in Jamul and red ants swarm during the day over a pile of rocks. The detector didn't pick them up and I've always considered that anything used as a food source becomes scarce. Hmmmm! I've eaten ants before, they looked pretty tasty. Picked one up, popped it in my mouth, it bit my tongue, tasted like nothing, but hey, good protein shouldn't go to waste. Right? Besides, could have been gross.
Howard Hoyt, whom I've known forever, likes Jumpin' Jack Flash, just another thing we have in common besides 48 years of friendship. Check in to Planet Earth tomorrow.

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Williamwyzyx said...

Beware of those ants! They can have serious consequences.

Ant aphrodisiac conman executed

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has executed the leader of a bogus scheme for breeding ants to make aphrodisiacs that conned investors out of 3 billion yuan ($439 million), the official Xinhua news agency said on Thursday.
Wang Zhendong was executed on Wednesday in the northeastern province of Liaoning, Xinhua cited an unnamed local official as saying.
The fictitious ant-breeding project that Wang fronted features prominently in posters and other government educational materials warning of the risks of pyramid schemes and other investment schemes that sound too good to be true.
Wang promised investors in the fictitious project returns of 35 to 60 percent, Xinhua said. The ants were to be used for making liquor, herbal remedies and aphrodisiacs.
One investor committed suicide after realizing he had been duped, while many others suffered from depression, Xinhua said.
(Reporting by Jason Subler; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)
© Thomson Reuters 2008 All rights reserved

Instead of bailing out Wall Street crooks, maybe we should export a bunch of them to China along with our jobs.

Happy Trails,
Bro Bill