Sunday, December 28, 2008

Smoke filled rooms, and recycling, nyet, Rabbit Sculpture, si'

Karaoke was a great idea, doncha know, but smoke filled rooms are a thing of the past in California. Not so in Arizona. Walked in, spent two minutes, and Karaoke or not, couldn't stay. In those quick minutes, my sweatshirt and hair were already stinkin' Can't believe I used to be a pack-a-day woman!!
Recycling is nearly unheard of in Yuma. We found two boxes in the whole town that fund raise for Habitat For Humanity. They only collect plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Something has to change. Me be the one woman crusader and I am planning a few protest phone calls and a letter writing campaign. You can't keep a good activist down.
When I was young Ron Sigrist used to call me "Little Mother Mary Matzek", as a tease. I guess the name still fits, only my cause is not children these days but the environment. I'm a green through and through.
Also a wanna-be artist. I admired this rabbit sculpture that marks the border returning to the United States from Mexico. Enjoy.

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