Friday, December 19, 2008


Dec. 18th
Got up to a wet, wet motor home, drippingly we moved to Patriot Park which is lined by a citrus grove. What luxury to pick fresh grapefruit from your motor home ladder. I’m drooling about a wonderful salad Michal Houston taught me to make in Cabo last December. Fresh grapefruit sections mixed with ripe avocados and dressed with a sweetish vinegarette. Can also add Shrimp. Can’t go wrong. Fresh squeezed juice each morning. Oh frubish day.
No, Howard, frubish is not a word. (Howard Hoyt is a language professor, retired, friend of mine.) It comes from Alice In Wonderland’s Jaborwocky. Which reminds me, daughter Kristanne can still recite Jaborwocky by heart-on demand.
But, enough of grapefruit and Alice’s friends.
Today we met Jim’s friends Horst and Margot Schneider 88 and 87 years young, respectively. Youth is in the heart and these two are young, fascinating and still honeymooners. We became acquainted over cookies and port. He read to us from some of his writings. His website is He is very old country wise, and so is Margot. The two have so many talents between them they are like a mini university. I know everyone is busily baking and wrapping for Christmas. This is a wonderful time of year. Hard to believe Christmas Eve is only 6 days away.

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