Sunday, November 17, 2013


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Over the last two days, I guided, and even helped my yard worker do fire suppression work on my property. Sometimes makes me wonder why I own this place that naturally produces an excess of brush, leaves and weeds that need attending. He removed four double loads of brush to the land fill where it is chipped into mulch the county sells.  It was good exercise, but my favorite exercise is cruising through my online magazines for treats.

Some come from Scientific American, Scientists for Biological Diversity, Smithsonian, Gizmag, (and blog, Gas. 2.0.) and others I subscribe to.  A recent entry from Scientific American detailed that tamarind monkeys huddled and whispered in the presence of a certain zookeeper. Hmmm. I thought that was pretty interesting. It notes intelligence. The zookeeper was one who helped put them in positions for medical treatments, like shots. And, he was also instrumental in their unloading and housing after capture, a process they apparently didn't like. Understandable.

And, from one of my favorites, Gizmag, always about innovative technology, comes this nugget: Joining photovoltaic cells with a rainwater collection system, can generate 340KWh of electricity which led to why not recirculate stored water to generate electricity? Hey, we could someday all be our own power companies. Rainwater collection is my next project here on the "ranch".

Today is play day. Ciao.

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