Friday, November 22, 2013


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Is there such a thing as City Mentality?  As in complete disregard for common sense? Probably not, but you can't remove the stupid from some people. Yesterday, wind storm warnings on the radio, television and on-line for the Mother Lode, as predicted, began about 4:00 p.m. The winds came on with a vengeance and continued on through a power failure that lasted until 10:30. Winds continued on past midnight. The wooded five acres next to me was recently purchased by someone and they are in the process of preparing the property for building.
They speed on our one-way road with complete disregard to walkers or people on horseback.  They target practice at night. They run ATV's on the property sending up clouds of dust so thick I couldn't discern my neighbor's driveway from my car. I've had to close windows against the drifting dust. I've never had a chance to speak to anyone. Other neighbors have called the police numerous times over the target practice. Last night, around 6 p.m. they started a gigantic twelve feet wide bonfire. It rained the previous day and it is legally a burn day. I don't know about a burn night. All I know, is people from up the hill came down to see, worried about a forest fire. There is only one road out.  My renters are talking about moving. Their once quiet household has been repeatedly disturbed by imbecilic actions like starting a bonfire in the middle of gale force winds and constant shooting.
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I can only imagine what they think living in the country is like? They seem to think their five acres is a vacuum and doesn't affect anyone else, nor do they seem to care. Now I understand why people live in communities with Homeowners Associations and rules to make sure one party doesn't disregard the comfort and peace of another. Okay, I've had my personal rant. I will write a polite letter today, but I don't have much hope for change given the issues of such inconsiderate disregard for others. Jim always says, one good thing about living in a motor home, when you don't like your neighbors, you can easily move.

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