Thursday, February 2, 2012


Jim suggested we get up and hike to the top of a hill for a high, clear sunrise view.  Luckily, we brought a flashlight along. We hiked a rough, rutted road, purported to be a sunrise trail and found ourselves at the top of the hill dead-ended at the camp water tank. The view of an impending sunrise obscured by tall brush.

Off  to the south,  Lukeville, Mexico was visible.

We walked half-way down hill to a side trail and took it. We were standing in the dark looking at silhouettes.  We kept moving down, down, closer to the campground and walked the perimeter trail.


soon turned to a bluish color.

But, when you looked behind you, things were quite clear. A bit dull but without the harshness of bright daylight. It was cold and we were bundled up with jackets, hats and scarves.

The sky began to turn peach color.

When we looked behind us, the hill tops were turning bright orange.

The orange was spreading as we watched, fascinated at seeing a cactus half orange and half green.

Soon, there it was, another beautiful sunrise.

The sun exposed this pack rat midden, which is desert floor debris stacked high with a couple of entrances. The debris is so prickly one wonders how the rat manages not to stab itself.

This Cholla seemed to be on fire. My youngest daughter once visited Mt. Sinai and saw a bush on fire just as the sun was setting and it made her think that Moses' burning bush could have been "burned" from the sun.

It was fun to see the desert in a different light.  The walk was invigorating and we returned to the motor home for a big breakfast. Of course, I picked up another unwelcome hitchhiker.
I took 37 pictures in an album if you'd like to see them: