Friday, January 3, 2014


I am torqued that plastic bags are being banned by a city the size of Los Angeles. What a boon to the environment. I remember Harlingen, Texas, how clean and serene the beaches because of the bag ban. Wonderful to have it happen in California. I understand that several nations are pooling resources to remove the huge vortex of plastic bags stuck in the ocean, a glob the size of Texas has only grown bigger since first compared in size to Texas.  A huge, expensive undertaking.

It offends me royally when I see videos of whales caught in plastic fish line, or water birds and small mammals strangled by plastic products. All that stuff should be biodegradable. If we can put a man on the moon, materials engineers can solve this problem.

I'm trying to find my flight back to the motor home today, it seems to take me all morning. I should probably just drive up to the airport and return. It would be more fun.

Ah, I have other off-line duties as well. Preparing for my trip to turkey.


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