Thursday, January 9, 2014


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At an estate sale, I bought this unusual little side table. It is stained and needs refinishing. I paid $30 for it. It has a crack in a hard to access area near a hinge, but I have a friend who repaired furniture for a living. He is retired now.  I phoned him, asked him to fix it, and left it on my driveway for him to pick up while I was out.
He left the table with a note on it:

Top handle above hinges is broken on both sides. Needs to be glued and clamped.
Vertical leg is split. Needs to be glued and clamped.
Top tray has two splits on both sides, needs two new wood spacers.
Both horizontal rails have to have rails removed. That means trying to remove all four outside plugs without splitting the plugs, about impossible.
It will need twelve new plugs. If the twelve screws are rusted, they will snap.  Call me.

So, I called him and I question can he drill the plugs? Can't the spacers be inserted as two pieces and glued, and so on, with me trying to find a way to redeem my choice, wondering all the while how I could have been so careless and not examined my purchase more carefully.
DSC02475 (Copy)

Then I DID re-examine the table after the phone call.  Bert Sargent is the most incorrigible prankster in the neighborhood, maybe the world. I got a good laugh, brought the table and a bottle of wine and had a laugh filled visit with Bert and Sharon. He is convincing. Their dog was smelling the table and I got this one picture before my battery went dead. Neither picture does the table justice but I'm relieved to know I didn't buy a dollars worth of kindling.

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