Tuesday, January 21, 2014


DSC02500 (Copy)

Apparently people are crazy about little dogs. My neighbor, Suzy came to see and she decided I should have my picture taken with Pipi, the Pappion. (I've learned how to spell the breed name.) They are named after the Spanish word for butterfly that is Papillion. Pipi it turns out is not a pure bred Pappion, but part Chihuahua, and cute as can be. Darlene Mathews came to pick him up and reported back that he has a new home with a cute Chihuahua female and he immediately felt right at home. He was pretty traumatized by the sudden move and strangeness at my place. Happy ending.
DSC02523 (Copy)

While I was in Stockton, I parked next to this car. Do I see eyelashes I asked myself?
DSC02522 (Copy)

I did. Cute as can be. I wonder if people from other countries like to gussy up their cars to give them personality? And, where do you buy car eyelashes? Too fun.

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