Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It rained, a little, for my out of town guests. In Murphys you can be a tourist in your own back yard. We walked the Main St. and visited the wall of ovations, the museum, Tea and Tiques, the famous Murphys Hotel bar, etc. but, the big hit was the toilet store. Better known as IDEA BATHROOM MACHINERIES. Hey, we locals know the good spots.

Mid-Westerners had never heard of a gold flume, and we visited one flowing nearby. I was surprised at myself and how much I knew about gold mining and hydraulic hosing, and panning.
The famous gold nugget at Kautz Ironstone Winery gave Pat a slight case of gold fever. (A pair of earrings worth, anyway.
The old goldrush Murphys Pokey was used to hold drunks, mainly. Luckily, it only had room for two.
Here we are, doing the "say cheese" photo at the famous Murphys Hotel. (I think one of us looks like an idiot tourist and she lives in Murphys.)

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