Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Brice Station Winery owner, Stu Mast hoists a glass at the end of a long, busy weekend.
His friend, Fred, and father-in-law Paul Quyle helped drink up the half used bottles after a busy day in the tasting room. In fact, Delores Quyle-Mast was still serving customers as the rest of us finished off the opened reds. As Fred proclaimed, its a necessary job, somebody has to do it.
Umm, yes, lovely job. I was only too glad to help.
However, it didn't make me delusional. Fred claims he has exray vision. His only problem, he doesn't want to see that well. He is tired of looking at bones and he is trying to refine his exray vision to just seeing through clothing.
I'm for thinking he may be taking this job too seriously.

Pam Quyle seemed to think so,too.
But, I don't know...that exray vision thing...Oh, that I could somehow...

Well, never mind. What I do know is, the wines at Brice Station are non pariel. The company is great; Pam's pottery across from the tasting room makes Brice Station a more interesting stop. When you are wine tasting don't miss it, four miles above Murphys.
And a good time was had by all!

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squawmama said...

Hey Mary, Now this looks like my kinda day... Being a Wine Diva and all... ;-) Looks like everyone was having fun!

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