Thursday, September 10, 2009



It was somewhat unusual to take delivery on the new motor home in July and finally get to inspect it and drive it yesterday, 09-09-09.
La Mesa RV service people showed us how every little doodad in the thing worked, then we waited while they fixed a broken rivet on the exhaust and adjusted the parking brakes. The tech went through and replaced some screws, tightened stuff, showed us how to remove the radio and television, checked the air conditioning and so, on. Motorhomes are fairly complicated equipment and I have a new appreciation for Jim's knowledge, knowing what questions to ask, and seeing to it that all was taken care of adequately. Quite an all day process. We boondocked at Camping World where we proceeded to pick up a lot of handy built-in type gadgets, and arrived back in Murphys about 3 p.m. About a 200 mile trip. YIKES! Since I drive a Prius, its hard to accept the low mileage these beauties get. We are going to put up a sign, GAS POOR BUT HAPPY!
The test run was a success. The Fleetwood Terra performed very well climbing these hills and we'll be on the road again after Christmas.
(That is supposed to be a picture of Jim above, but I really wanted to show the compact rig behind him that I was drooling over.)

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Tango said...

So....what was that compact rig you were drooling over?

Congrats on the new rig!!! :)