Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've heard it said that the Vista Outlook named Hells Kitchen on Highway 4 above Dorrington is called that because it is a fire chimney. If fire hits that canyon, so the story goes, it will burn clear into Nevada. The canyon sides are steep and machinery has no access. We escaped the 97* heat by traveling to higher elevations and into Hells Kitchen.
At Bear Valley Lodge, in front of the fireplace, we stopped a moment. The lodge has a museum and many interesting photos, one of Monte Wolf near his cabin, and some of the Blood family that first settled there and had a toll station. Mt. Reba is named for Blood's daughter, Reba.
The ski runs have an entirely different beauty in summer.
Our destination was the cooling waters of Lake Alpine. The water level was down- the result of another drought, but the pristine waters and beautiful granite rocks did not disappoint. Richard and Bernice, both managed a hike. The ducks were tame so we knew they were used to being fed. Pat is a bird person and, she raises exotic birds, and they seem to sense that she would feed them. She did!

We arrived at the Logging Museum in Arnold/White Pines in time for me to connect with an old friend, John Hoffstetter who gave us a tour of this wonderful facility with many details and insights of the trade. My guests from Michigan with logging in their background could identify with the Michigan California alliance, a company formed by a Michigander named Stephenson and a California counterpart. The old equipment brings back memories for all of us. My dad logged as well.
Our last stop was Quyle Kilns where Delores Quyle-Mast gave us a tour of the clay making process.

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