Friday, September 18, 2009


If you are planning on flying through the air with no control, hundreds of feet above the ground, strapped in a harness, zipping down a cable, its best to lubricate the zippers first. We did, at Chatom's tasting room on highway 4 before we arrived at Moaning Cave to ride the zipline.
Do we look brave? The Chardonay and Port were big hits along with the lavender chocolate to help us on our way.
I think Bernice and I are quite handsome "in harness."
It was fun and way too easy. Except for the price, we could have gone a dozen more times.
Richard obviously enjoyed the experience. Pat and Marie stayed behind because someone had to take the pictures.

This is wine country, and the girls decided this is what we will look like in a few years if we keep on wine tasting. She looks like a healthy ole' dame. Okay by me.

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