Friday, February 7, 2014


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My time at home this last stretch, gave me little time for reading. When we left Yuma I picked up a meaty book I’d chosen over a year ago at a used book store. I read the cover overview and was intrigued enough to buy it, but every time I picked it up, the front cover and title were so vanilla, I could never quite tempt myself to dig in. This time, nothing in my book box appealed to me just then and I read line one:
In 1954, the summer before I entered third grade, my grandmother mistook Andrew Imhof for a girl.
I discovered an intensely pleasurable story that will stay with me a long time, as some books do.  The author wrote about a family similar to Laura and George W. Bush after reading biographies of them, a book about political figures but not about politics. About American values that clash with reality. Living rich and living poor. I devoured this book.
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My second discovery was my night scene photos from the overlook. I’ve done this multiple times, taken a black sky picture, some even had a dot of a moon in them, but all black and uninteresting in the end. I tossed them each time wondering why this setting on my camera is there if it doesn’t work? I pulled all of my photos into picasa and decided to see what happened if I edited them and tried injecting a bit of light into them?
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I’m not sure what is what in this photo but the lens captured something.
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And this one, too. Maybe shooting stars? It was a different part of the sky when I aimed. Now, I’m sorry I threw out those photos that had partial images, but gratified I made this discovery.
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We’ve settled into Palm Springs Thousand Trails, which is located in nearby Palm Desert. It is a beautiful park. This group is playing pickle ball, a mix of badminton and ping pong, playable on a short court.
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I did a couple loads of wash while Jim fixed a leaky water pump and then we took our walk. Checked out the pickle court, the pool and hot tub. Read the bulletin of activities going on. We bought tickets to  play in Indio before I left Murphys.
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Then we read the afternoon away. Ahh! I’m going to start another big meaty book I’ve put off. Another over 500 pages, Einstein, His Life And Universe by Walter Isaacson. In the credits, it seems everyone who knew him wrote a book about him. Jim really enjoyed this book and prompted me to read it. I’m ready.
This morning in my email, I received a note from Bob Sims, one of the committee members taking care of Salvation Mountain. Leonard Knight has been in a rest home near San Diego for 2 years. His health has been stable and has taken a turn for the worse. Leonard is such a sweet man. Bob suggested prayers may help.

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