Monday, February 17, 2014


IMG_9106 (Copy)
I didn't do anything yesterday but swim, read, paint and eat. I wanted to go to a polo game in Indio, but Jim wasn't up to driving anywhere so we just stayed home. The above sculpture I thought of naming Back Pain, or  Writers Block, and then decided on Constipated as in our activities were constipated yesterday. (This sculpture is in a Reno arts gallery.)
IMG_9139 (Copy)
This unusual bench came from the same gallery. The first word of the bench spells Inhale.
Bird Waterer
And, again from that gallery, this is a water "dish". Rain collects in a circular trough near the center and holds water for birds or other small critters. Their "rock" collection is unusual.
Since my bike was stolen, I've been think a lot about bikes and this painting is one I liked really well but I've forgotten where this painting hangs.
I'm a fan of Rene Wiley and she recently did a series of paintings on bikes that I liked so I'll post a few of them. Her gallery is in Galveston, Texas on Post Office Street.
green-cruiser-by-rene-wiley (Copy)
Her paintings are for sale on-line, as well.  This is Green Cruiser.
colorful-cruiser-by-rene-wiley (Copy)
Colorful Cruiser.
blue-cruiser-with-basket-by-rene-wiley (Copy)
Blue Cruiser.

I think I'll try to paint bikes, though yesterday I started with palm trees. The only problem is, I have yet to get another brush. Maybe today.
I'm hoping to do the Walking Off Pounds program again today at 9:00. The snacks I ate yesterday should disappear today, right?