Thursday, January 10, 2013


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Soggy, soggy, was our day. A bit of clearing in late afternoon sent us out to the Elks Club where a convocation of WINS was meeting. Jim left the WINS, which stands for Wandering Individuals Network, in 2007. Whenever he hears a group of WINS are meeting, he likes to reconnect with a group he really loved. There were ten rigs present at this venue, with more coming. And, likely we will run into them again as we head up the coast starting today. Margaret Murray, left, is a fellow blogger at
Many women are afraid to travel alone and Margaret gives you an idea of what it is like. Check out her great blog.
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I'm a new ELK member and was delighted to have a chance visit at the Harlingen Lodge. In their foyer, they have "Lucky" who collects money for Special Needs Children. In our Lodge #1587, Sonora, CA., each individual is given a purple pig to fill.
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Every table in the lodge also has a red pig. Jim and I put our change in, but we saw no money in any of them. We enjoyed a couple of drinks with our friends, (you have instant hugging friends  with the WINS).
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Then we headed back down 77 Sunshine Strip to pick up my bike at the bike shop. Don't you just love the name of the street?
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Birds gathered to enjoy the clearing weather, or maybe they are getting ready for National Bird Day, that's today. I hope I can get a few nice bird pictures while we visit South San Padre Island.

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