Monday, December 17, 2012


The NRA called America’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents “Jack Booted thugs” in an ad, causing former President George H. Bush to withdraw his membership in the organization. The NRA was formed to strengthen our militia and helped win the war. After the war they promoted gun training and safety, all supported by government funds.

In more modern times it was the NRA that realized the dangers to society of non-licensed gun purchasers and promoted legislation to license privately owned firearms. They promoted sports, target shooting competitions and responsible gun ownership. Gun ownership was very selective, however. No blacks were allowed permits.

Even after Martin Luther King’s house was bombed, he was refused a gun permit. When he later got one, his house became an arsenal.

Huey Newton and some of his followers hailed the lack of gun control. They walked into a state capitol building with loaded rifles in hand. They had legal permits and there was no law to say they couldn’t do it.  They began following cops around Oakland and policed the police every time they stopped a black man on the street. They would bail out of their cars with guns in hand and shout legal advice to the person being “harassed”. Oakland quickly made city laws to control the Black Panther Party.

It all began in 1977, under Harlan Carter, the NRA turned from a positive force in society to the most feared lobby in the United States. Harlan stated: “Beginning in this place and this hour and this period, the NRA History is finished.” His mantra was ABSOLUTELY NO GUN CONTROL. Period.

The NRA had friendly relationships with the cops, but when legislation proposed a ban on  “cop killer bullets” and assault weapons, under Carter’s leadership,  the NRA was opposed and so it has been ever since. He led a public verbal attack on police leadership and continually bashed the cops.

The second amendment does not confer a broad, untouchable right for personal weapons to the extreme position now taken by the gun lobby.

And, it is now accepted that government is helpless to do anything about it. From a citizens point of view, that is not acceptable.

Does Obama have the guts to change that? Will he be able to change that? Will the filibuster be fixed so bills can come to the floor for a vote? The NRA buys congressional votes, just like other powerful lobbys. What does it mean when a powerful nation like the United States is afraid of the NRA? That is not acceptable.

Gun owners think sensible rules about gun control means yanking guns away from them. Not so.
Safety clips on automatic weapons are opposed by the NRA. Selling on-line weapons to anyone is ok. Selling unlimited guns to a family is ok. Selling 15,000 rounds of ammunition is ok. They oppose child safety clips on weapons. Assault weapons that fire multiple rounds a second are extremely dangerous and have no other function than to kill.
Individual protection does not require an arsenal of assault weapons.

The NRA set the table and fed us myths about gun control.  Now it is time to do the dirty dishes. Tell your congressional leaders, enough is enough. Sensible gun control is a must.

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OverTheTopCargoTrailer said...


Come live at my house for a month or two, when you see it takes 12 minutes to go through the menu to get 911 on the line...then you will insist that I strap a full auto Uzi to my side to protect you :-))

Gun control is really great, if you have a police dept. that works, answers the phone & respond to crime, which is not the case in San Jose & much less in Oakland. I had to spend or shall I say waste a bunch of money BECAUSE my tax dollar is out to lunch. For all those with the BALLS who rant about more GUN control - let them live at my house for 30 days with their most Valuable processions- then lets talk....the talk, after you walk the walk.