Saturday, December 15, 2012


The most awful thing I can imagine happening to me is to lose one of my children. The senseless violence, the innocence of young children attending school, shattered by deadly violence. For any parent to be faced with the awful reality of sending a child to school and having that child gunned down by a madman. I want to know, how did he get the guns? Legally? How did he get them on school grounds? Don’t we have a right to laws that can better protect us from the enormous proliferation of automatic weapons in the hands of irresponsible users? Unrestricted automatic weapon sales are for profit over the sanctity of life. Gun law reform is imperative. If you agree, sign on to all of these websites that demand our government DO SOMETHING NOW.

We want government BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. The Preamble to the constitution reads that our government was set forth to protect the general welfare of the people.
AND there are things we can do. Sign this petition as well and spread the word.

What is sad is the victims of previous random killings who are waiting and waiting for change to happen, only, it never does.

Do you live in a big city?  Can you get YOUR mayor to sign on? How about the governor of your state. Be proactive. Let’s make it happen.

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