Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One of the fun things about staying at my son and daughter-in-law's house is bumping into a herd of elephants. Not too many people have a self-portrait of themselves hanging above their fireplace, but in this case the portrait of Suda the elephant was painted by Suda the elephant. A unique piece her youngest son bought for her while visiting Thailand.

Many of her elephants are unusual as this small wooden elephant bowl.  Laurie always tries to make her elephant collection usable, thus they fit in everywhere around the house and garden.

This one holds matches in the kitchen.

A basket by the pool holds sunscreen.

A mirror in the hallway.

These two hold tea on a shelf above the stove.

A pencil box near the phone.
Book ends.

Here the elephant's trunk holds up an elephant ring.

A small watering can for the houseplants.

She has musical instruments, swizzle sticks, cups, tea pots, walking sticks, letter holders, salt and peppers, serving trays, candle sticks, jewelry, knickknacks, drawer pulls...I didn't count them, but approximately 175 elephant objects. Unique and interesting.

Her collection started as a gift when she was in grammar school.  She no longer has every elephant she collected. Some have been broken, she lost key chains, jewelry and so on, but the supply is never-ending. And, of course, she never for-saw the day her son would visit Thailand, ride an elephant, and bring her a portrait painted by one.

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