Wednesday, June 15, 2011


High School Graduations are at hand. For some students, high school is a breeze of wonderful friendships and activities. They’ve been in school practically all of their young lives. And now stands before me, this grandson, Alec Dane Pedersen.

We adults send them out into the world with great expectations of success, of preparation for a new and independent life. We hang a lot on them during  this poignant ceremony. Hope is big here for them and us, their parents, grandparents, and friends who know them. And, there is worry, as well. Will they make it?  Will they see the job that puts dollars in their pocket from the local Fish And Grill, or MacDonalds,  will they see it? Will they know that down the line this is forever?  Forever, unless they prepare now for a better life? It’s easy to get caught in the now instead of once again, taking up  more years at the helm of teachers and books.
What I found unique about this ceremony for Alec and his peers was the reading, by the teachers, of a statement each student wrote about what they expected of themselves in the coming years. They chose a quote that from a great scientist, philosopher, artist, inventor, explorer or statesman, and related that advice to their own lives.
Alec is a bright, intelligent young man who is enrolled at Irvine Junior College and expects to get his AA degree and then decide what direction he will take.
Like his father, Alec has personality, charm and wit, and no matter where life takes him, his adventure will be interesting and wonderful.
As a family, we are oh, so proud of you, lad!  And, your young brother Austin adores you and expects to be just like you.  All of our dreams can come true if we but have the courage to pursue them.

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