Saturday, June 18, 2011


While my daughter worked, grandson, Austin and I repaired to Laurie and Ken's house for an afternoon of leisure around their beautiful swimming pool. In Las Vegas, it isn't necessary to heat the pool and the water was heavenly. Laurie threw pool torpedoes in the water for Austin to dive after. He likes to outfit himself like a skindiver with mask and fins.
Little boys are inventive and love to play shark. Grandma was the shark, of course.
For a little guy, Austin is very adept in the water and we had a good game of pool ball catch. I had to drag myself out of the pool, but we snacked, and played ping pong before heading back to Kristanne's for dinner and a movie.

Austin's only brother is 18 and he tends to enjoy older kids. His buddies came over for a sleepover after a picnic and swim in the neighborhood.  Here, there is no need for blankets. The boys giggled and squealed until after 10 p.m. This is what they looked like this morning.

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