Thursday, June 30, 2011


Circus Camp is an unusual summertime experience. Kids learn various circus skills and have great fun doing it. The last day of camp, my daughter and son-in-law, and grandson, Austin, visited the camp, watched the kids perform what they had learned, and accompanied  grandsons Owen and Theo while they gathered their belongings and said goodbyes to new friends. Real high wire artists begin by walking the wire just two feet from the ground. The wire is gradually raised as skills improve. Notice the spotter for this young walker even though the wire is only two feet off the ground.

Short stilt walkers do well while walking. But, to stand and take a bow, they must support each other with their spotters engaged to keep them upright.

Wavy Gravy, the camp originator, explained that riding the unicycle is the most difficult task at camp.

Parents watch the unicyclists practice on this track.

Theo demonstrated a couple of magic tricks for us.

Kids all over the park were showing off their skills to parents and friends. Both boys learned enough card tricks to make us dizzy.

Owens greatest skill is stilt walking. While he was getting attached to his sticks, I heard other kids comment on his skill as in, “…oh, there’s Owen. He’s the best.”  A bit of awe in their voices as they acknowledged a champ. He walked the camp over on rough terrain, gravel, puddles. His second year, he is the undisputed hero for now. Dad is making sure he doesn’t fall, needed or not.  The kids wear wrist supports  and are taught how to fall if something goes wrong.

Time to gather belongings and say farewell to tipi mates.

With mixed emotions, a last look around. Leaving. Going home.  Both boys agree Circus Camp is great. While their parents worried about what they were doing, were they homesick?  They discovered the letter they’d written to Theo had gone unread. We all laughed. Question answered.

Later that night, continuing the camp experience,hot dogs, roasted marshmallows and star-gazing around the fire. Austin’s marshmallow caught fire and he likes them that way.  (Me too!)

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