Monday, February 7, 2011


If you are betting the game in Vegas, there are 700 ways to do it. Its hard to imagine betting on the toss of the coin, what player will or will not run 30 yards on his first pass. Who will or will not complete a pass, and so on and on and on. My son, Ken,  had his betting receipts taped to the bar and as the game proceeded, he would say, "Ah, I just won $11 on that." Then,  "That play cost me $26 bucks," and so on through the game. Egads, Murgatroyd! He considers it a fun way to win or lose money. In my book there is no fun way to lose money. He and Laurie are Steeler fans, but, being a Yooper, I have always liked the independent Green Bay Packers. (I didn't cheer too much because I didn't want to be banished to the garage before the food was served.)

My daughter-in-law, Laurie makes great pizza from scratch.
I had to admire her pizza making ability because its nothing I'd try at home. But, with two teenage boys, I can understand why she developed that skill.
She also makes it look easy.
She invested in the pizza stones a long time ago. They do help the pizza cook properly.
And daughter Kristanne's son, Austin, practiced his tai kwon do with Laurie while it cooked.  He just signed up for a class this month. Austin spent the day with mom learning to paint at their new apartment and was very proud of himself.
The results were yummy. She made four different pizzas and it took just minutes to demolish them.
The snacks and beer were good too. Ken is a brewer and his new batch will be bottled this week and then left to ripen for three more weeks in the bottle. Maybe we'll get to taste when its bottled! But I have to warn you about pizza and beer.
My youngest daughter once raised hogs for 4-H. When it was time to butcher, the butcher couldn't round up the hogs. They avoided his truck. They were free range hogs without a pen. He asked me if I had some pizza and beer. I did. I warmed the pizza and poured the beer in a flat pot and they smelled and rushed to their fate. See what I mean?

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