Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday, we drove over the border to San Luis, Mexico for me to have a mouth guard made. My dentist charges $235 for this bit of plastic formed to the shape of your mouth. Sergio Bernal charged me $30. It took 3 hours-fifteen minutes in the chair and the rest of the time for the clay mold to dry. We walked a good 3 miles around town, just looking around . We found a restaurant, no hard task since there are many. Sergio says most all of them serve good food and that has been our experience. The place we chose had an itinerant singer come in while we were eating. He played and sang for a few pesos.
"Hard life" was etched into his face. Half blind, and limping, everyone in the place dug into their pockets. For an old man, his voice was surprisingly strong.
The bougainvillea was in bloom, a cheerful sight in the middle of winter. The day was sunny and warm and enjoyable.
But, not all is paradise. My bike was stolen in the night from off the back of the Bronco. We heard the kids attempting to steal the bikes. Jim scared them off, thinking they wouldn't come back. Jim has them tightly secured with commercial cable into every part, the wheels, the seat, the sprocket. But, they waited and returned with a set of heavy duty cable cutters and removed mine. The cable was cut on Jim's bike, as well. He heard a noise and woke up-they ran. He had to move the bike into the motor home for the night.

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