Thursday, February 17, 2011


Egads! Jim seems to have adopted my cold so we stayed home yesterday and read. We did manage a quick trip to the store for chicken broth to make chicken soup.
 Neither of us get bored because we are avid readers. I'm currently reading a Phillip Margolin, Ties That Bind.
Home, in California, is beckoning and I've made reservations on Amtrak. I have a bum shoulder and its looking like surgery is going to be my only option. Not something that can be accomplished from the road.
Jim reminded me that I'm here and can complain. Something to think about. Anyway, I know this is a pretty  CRummy blog, but when you have excess letters, you may as well use them. Or, Can Break Ribs Easily Coughing, Coughing Dreadfully.   (Where's the damned Kleenex?)

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