Sunday, February 27, 2011


Thousand Trails typically has some sort of program on Saturday nights. It could be a dance, a potluck, or a professional entertainer. They hired a good one when they invited  Cowboy Jack to play for us. His father gave in and bought him a guitar at age 12, knowing the music business was a hard way to make a living. Jack went professional right after college and never looked back.
A deep base voice on Johnny Cash songs can make you think the "Man in Black" is in the room. Jack played the Opry, and his band was the warm-up act  for many famous musicians. He's done the honky tonks in the U.S. and his music has taken him all over the world. The best Thousand Trails entertainer I've heard, so we had an enjoyable evening with the lone cowboy.  He does solos in the Southern California area and gigs with his bands. He plays under several names for various events. He is Paniola Jack, for Hawaiian venues, and Cowboy Jack, for Western music. His band is called The North County Cowboys and another is the Band In Black.
He sings mostly country music but his two most popular productions, are a Hank Williams Sr. Tribute and a Johnny Cash Tribute. His website has a number of pictures of him and his bands and a clip of him singing, though the clip doesn't do him justice. You can check him out on the following link.
When he performs, he uses an old, favorite, Martin Guitar and a harmonica. The website give his performance schedule. Very enjoyable performer who engages the audience. It was a full house for Cowboy Jack.

Da tee da...."I'm so lonesome I could cry"...

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