Sunday, February 20, 2011


Texas Station in North Las Vegas featured country singer George Jones who is soon to be 80 years old. We were surprised to learn they do not forbid you to take pictures. The theater seating has no risers so visibility isn't the best.
Giant screens mounted on both sides of the theater project stills of Jones, his career, family life, as here with his fourth wife Nancy, and many other great performers he has come to be included among. 
The Jones Boys band is very good with a notable drummer and young fiddler. Singer, Britany Allen, does a good job and compliments Jones voice.
Jones fans hooted and hollered for him when he came on stage. His voice is long past its peak but occasionally the old Jones mournful bass came through and you had to admire him for keeping at it when retirement would certainly be more comfortable.
His music spans 6 decades and hes done some great stuff  that will never be forgotten. They sell "I Saw No Show Jones" message T-shirts that poke fun at his rampant alcoholic days when he'd simply not show up for his scheduled appearances.  We were glad we went and will play his hits this week on the old CD's we have and remember George Jones...
...he stopped loving her today....

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