Friday, February 18, 2011


Sunrises and sunsets are often easily visible when you live in a motor home. I'm delighted that we get to see them so often, but the full moon rising over the mountain top is a rarer sight. Jim spotted it and we watched it until dark.
Jim is still slogging through his cold, but wouldn't you know, our little portable heater quit and the weather is decidedly cooler. He insisted we had to go out and find another. We did, but just getting out and about exhausted him and he slept for an hour when we got home. The common cold can sure put  dent in your day.
I managed to walk a mile around the complex, but I always wonder about blogging on a day when we do nothing, which isn't often. Sam Valapp from Highland Computers loaded Vista on my new machine since I couldn't tolerate Microsoft 7. Terrific guy, very talented. I managed to test almost everything but burning DVD's and the web cam. Guess we'll stick close to home again today, try out the machine and feel useful. Jim's feeling much better this morning. We have to be well for Saturday Night when we'll see George Jones's show. 
One last shot of the moon. Its come into its own in this shot and is shining from above.

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