Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last night, we went to see the Cirque Du Soleil-KA show, one of several Cirque shows playing Vegas. I attended the original about twenty years ago and the differences are immaterial. The original was much like a fancy, musical circus with high fliers and acrobats. One particular acrobat act was stunning and unforgettable with one man balancing on the head of another moving with muscular precision in slow motion through all of their gravity defying positions.
KA is more of a story line with gracefully acrobatic fliers, and fast moving, dance choreography for the war scenes accompanied by thunderous music. The costuming was very original. The full theater aspects of the show, meaning acrobats running about the theater at every level, above and around you are unique to my experience and very exciting.
Several scenes, like a tragic opera, were so beautiful, and emotion rending, that even without words, the "play" is understandable. The special scenes, sinking a boat, the underwater rescue, the acrobats in the wheel and a war played out on a slippery perpendicular stage kept you glued to the action. The perpendicular stage is like nothing I've heard of or seen before. Just watching the machinery in motion was amazing.
Now, I want to see them all.
My son suggested we use valet parking to see the shows and we loved pulling up into valet parking with the old Bronco with a bike hanging off the back among all the El Dorados, Saturns, Mercedes, Rolls and other fancy cars. The looks we get when the valet brings us our vehicle are a riot. At MGM they have a lava heat to keep you warm while waiting for your vehicle.

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