Friday, February 11, 2011


He towers above the road below, the proud symbol of MGM Grand, all 100,000 pounds of him. The symbol for MGM movies and now their MGM GRAND HOTEL AND CASINO. We visited MGM yesterday to see the lions, who remain a continuous part of MGM's logo and identification. They are said to be descendants of the original MGM lion.
They are majestic creatures. They live on a ranch but for 5 hours a day, three or more are brought into a multi-million dollar, sound-proof, glass enclosure for the benefit of the viewing public.
They know they are safe and they have no fear of prowling quite close to the glass, often touching the glass and looking directly at you. Photo conditions are absolutely horrible and getting a half-decent photo is difficult. If they would hold still...
  For yesterday's viewing, they brought in three females. Sometimes they bring the cubs to a special showing room as well where no pictures are allowed. And, the males regularly take there turn in the "tank".
I'm never totally comfortable with animals in captivity. Captivity is unnatural, but I will say they are very clean and healthy looking animals compared to those who fight every day just to eat in Africa. I went on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania in 1997. The lions were bigger, more muscular, but I saw those who had ribs showing from hunger; wounded and struggling to maintain life. It was an eye opener and fascinating.

After MGM, we visited Luxor and Excalibur and Madalay Bay by tram. Since I'm flying out to a cousin's 50th Wedding Anniversary today, I'll blog my pictures and impressions another day.
It you'd like to see the 24 pictures I took of MGM, click on the link:

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