Thursday, January 13, 2011


Retirement communities in Arizona are as plentiful as sand, it seems. The one where we are staying, the Country RV Resort, has about 80 per cent more or less permanent residences that are modular or mobiles. People here come from cold winter climes and stay half the year, then return to Alberta, Vancouver, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Illinois...I can't begin to remember all of the license plates I've seen on our daily walks. The residences stay furnished and waiting for owners to return each year to this sunnier spot.
 Its a nice place with a green nine hole golf course down the road near here. But the Countryside golfers decided to build a 13 hole golf course of their own. It costs $20 to golf for the whole season. No grass, its true, but they enjoy their course built on vacant land right across from the resort. Its fun and challenging as well. The course covers about 10 acres. And, they don't lack for a sense of humor as you can see from the name.

Some pull their carts.
Others prefer to ride. They all have a good time.
In the complex itself, planned events like an ice cream social, an Elvis Impersonator, dances, pot lucks, card fests, birthday celebrations, crafts, book fairs and excursions to town are offered for everyone besides the built in amenities such  as the gym, billiards room, pool, hot tub and hall with a kitchen serving breakfasts on weekends and festive special events meals as well. 
Around the complex, individuals personalize their homes, often with a sense of humor and definitely with an nod to retirement life.
You see old license plates, or a sign in front "yard" space telling what place they came from. The yards are minuscule and retired lawnmowers and wheelbarrows indicate how happy they are to give up the responsibilities of caring for huge yards and enjoying instead playing away their golden years.
There are 560 units in this village, safety in numbers, instant friends, healthful lifestyles and fun.
Much to recommend.
Some of the yards accommodate about three barrel cactus. Some have a palm tree in front. Others like to set out little water fountains, souvenir sculptures, humorous themes like a road runner or Tweety bird or a few potted plants. Life here is easy. Friendly. People smile and say hello to everyone. They help each other.  
 Then every evening, you can enjoy a sunset like this.
Or this.

Or this.
I could give up my lawnmower.

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