Saturday, January 8, 2011


 Immediately after arriving in Apache Junction, we began enjoying the resort. I made use of the exercise room, walked, swam, used the hot tub and, in general continued a fast pace of activity. Yesterday, my body rebelled and demanded some downtime, rest and relaxation. I tucked in all day and read a book and napped to my hearts content.
Cousin Karen stopped by with some goodies and I enjoyed her ham bone soup and some home made graham bread. Graham bread is an old family favorite and I took a picture of it. Shucks, it looks like a big turd in the photo, maybe because its baked in a regular old tin can. If I had the recipe in the motor home, I'd post it.
I chose mystery short stories to read and snuggled into a glob of pillows. Some days are like that. Made me think of all the wonderful quilts I've had the pleasure to snuggle into, or just to view. Here are a someI've met on the road.

This is one I made in 1994 because my oldest daughter was a runner.
Anyway, it was an enjoyable, restful day.

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