Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday, we took a day off. We did the laundry, grocery shopping-getting ready to move to Death Valley in a couple days where we probably won't have a signal much of the time. I'm really amazed at how many things there are to do in this city, many of them free. I could easily stay here for 6 months and try and see it all.
This week, for instance, is a party at the Piranha called Ties And Suspenders. Show off your cocktail dress, guys can come in un-tucked button downs, and dance the night away.  Smoke free.

Another nearby venue is Black Book Night at the Vanity. The guy who can talk the most girls into coming to the club can win $5,000. $20 for girls, $40 for men. Hmmm. A different form of gambling. There are over 100 shows like these, many free and constantly changing. Plus sports events and special one time events and lectures for those more serious minded.
Vegas has a destination beer bar, Aces and Ales. They regularly carry 35 selections of craft beers. They just had their winter beer festival with such offerings as Stones Dogfish, Bourbon Barrel IRS, Smoked Chipotle Porter, Double Bastard Strong Ale, with a line-up of the best brewers from Deschutes and Sierra Nevada to name two of my favorites. We had our own beer tasting that night at a birthday, beer tasting party for my son who brews his own beer. In fact, he received the biggest birthday card I've ever seen.
And the food in Vegas. Flashing billboards beckon everywhere for cheap eats, great steaks, shrimp, and  lobster combos. Burgers and frys;  magnificent buffets and deserts. All that stuff but, Jim's on a diet so we are resisting the call.
On the other hand, Vegas has those over indulgent places that kind of fascinate, but make you say, Eeew.  A burger for $5,000 for instance. Fleur, at Mandalay Bay, offers the FluerBurger50000-Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles. Oh, and a bottle of Petrus which makes up a goodly part of the sum. And, Serendipity's $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae. But, still, a step down from the $6,000 "combo meal" offered at Carl's Jr. at the Palms in 2006. Which was a six-dollar burger served with a bottle of Bordeaux. Such excess, is decadent and makes you a little sick when you  think what that money can do for good causes.

The shows here, the big production numbers such as Cher, Garth Brooks and some lesser knowns, number 69 for this month.

For those who love Magicians and Hypnotists such as Criss Angel and David Copperfield, there are  29 different acts this month.

Galleries number 27. Most are permanent installations with Photography, Arts, Fine Art, Life and Times, Historic Film, Funk, Graffiti. Something for everyone.

And, there are 7 museums. Whatta place.  For us, to stay at A Thousand Trails in a motor home, (our membership costs us $500 a year) we can spend two weeks here on our membership with no fees, take our time and see the things we want to. To spend this much time in a cheapie hotel would be a minimum of $600. Such a deal. We will return in February for another free two weeks.

They have great bus transportation here. Sleek, new buses. We see city trucks using biofuels. Everybody can enjoy this great place economically.

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